Basic Health Benefits of Curcumin


Curcumin is a ginger-family traditional Indian curative that is known to have anti-inflammatory alongside antiphlogistic effects. It has successfully been used for small pox, paining inflammations, asthma and chicken pox remedies. It is however known be an inhibitor of tumor development thereby protecting cells against chemotherapeutic drugs and sometimes radiation. This spice has also been used as a jaundice treatment and cardiovascular diseases, liver treatment, arthritis and cataracts treatment among others. Nevertheless, it is tested and somewhat proved that CurcuminX4000 is capable to treat some of the following diseases.

Effects of Curcumin on cholesterol

CurcuminX4000 is very effective in the reduction of how cholesterol gallstone is formed and also helps in lowering biliary cholesterol as a result of a lithogenic diet. CurcuminX4000 lowers the level of both serum and cholesterol tissue as a result of injury induced by peroxide-like liver damage alongside arterial diseases. A study conducted at the University of Granada showed that CurcuminX4000 inhibits reduces the level of LDL and subsequently raising the level of HDL, which is a good cholesterol, by interfering with cholesterol uptake in the intestine.

Medicinal uses of Curcumin on cancer

It is tested but yet to be proven that patients with ovarian cancer can get healed when Curcumin and chemotherapy are induced together since they can reduce the resistance usually from ovarian cancer cells. Thus, Curcumin based chemotherapies are healthy to such cancer patients. The anti-cancer effect of Curcumin is also combined with the anti-inflammatory pain-relieving agent to inhibit Cox-2 enzyme, which promotes cancerous cells. However, the authenticity of Curcumin cancer effect in people is not fully verified since the study is still in its inception stages. Some of cancer ailments include a tested colon cancer and lung cancer.

Liver diseases prevention

It is studied that Curcumin prevents the activation of a genetic factor capable of necrosis and liver inflammation. It suppresses the growth of a tumor blood vessel giving an effect that is capable preventing alcoholic related liver ailments. This is possible when Curcumin inhibits NF-KB, which is a nuclear factor-kappa B responsible for cancerous cells production, activation to reduce inflammation. Some of these liver diseases include fatty liver where fat builds on the liver cells, hepatitis, which is normally characterized by liver dysfunction and liver cirrhosis where nodules develop on the liver leading to end-stage disease where liver collapses and eventually leads to death.

HIV treatment

Although it is just a preliminary finding, the AIDS virus is seemingly somewhat responding to the treatment of Curcumin since it is found to interfere with the cycle replication of HIV. This research gives some hope that Curcumin could provide HIV based treatment.

Kidney failure Curcumin based treatment

It has also been proposed that CurcuminX4000 is an approachable kidney ailment cure by eliminating microsomal and mitochondrial lipid peroxidation. Because of its ability to cure are general, it contains much more possible applications. It does not only target specific ailments when it is consumed in medicinal quantities, but it can also be used as a supplement leading to more general better health reg

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