Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements


If you are interested in adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet, you are ahead of the curve. Medical experts estimate that up to 40% of Americans suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. Unfortunately, only 5% of Americans consume the proper amount of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables; the good news is that proper nutritional supplementation can help you avoid any shortcomings in your health and well-being.

Vitamin D is a hard worker. Your body uses Vitamin D for a variety of functions including immune system strength, bone health, cardio-vascular benefits and possible cancer prevention. Vitamin D is found in a variety of foods; unfortunately, these are foods not commonly found on kitchen tables. Equally unfortunate is the fact that people are getting less and less sunlight – another source for Vitamin D. A quality vitamin D supplement is a handy tool to fill the gap created by inadequate diet and sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency is a culprit in a variety of health problems. Common signs of Vitamin D deficiency include weak bones, poor cardiovascular health, asthma in children, and memory and cognitive difficulties in older adults. Low D blood levels are also attributed to increased cancer risks. Recent research also shows that proper Vitamin D levels help prevent and treat diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension.

Inadequate diet and sunlight intake aren’t the only causes of vitamin D deficiency. Obesity, dark skin, aging kidneys, and digestive ailments can all contribute to this nutritional issue. A medical professional will assess your current D levels and what might be contributing to any deficiency. A vitamin D supplement is a common recommendation from medical professionals to treat this condition.

All dietary supplements are not created equal. Supplements are more and more popular these days and as a result, the industry is producing more and more products of questionable quality and effectiveness. The good news is that there are manufacturers offering high-quality supplements that deliver excellent results. Quality manufacturers offer vitamin and mineral products that are free of harmful fillers such as artificial dyes and sweeteners. Beware of products that list such fillers on the product label- a shocking amount of these products are made of over 50% filler! This means that half of the product is not only completely worthless-it is harmful too!

If you are interested in learning more about vitamin D and other nutritional supplements, there is a wealth of information available online. As mentioned before, it is always a safe bet to consult a medical professional as well. A quality vitamin D supplement will help keep you healthy and happy, so good luck and be well!

Avoid a common nutritional deficiency by taking a quality vitamin D supplement. A quality vitamin D supplement contains zero artificial fillers, sweeteners or dyes.

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