Scars – How to Remove Them with Home Remedies?



We tell you what home remedies to remove scars rapidly. Scars generated by acne, burns, wounds in general or evolution of disease those who refuse to disappear, can be cured and markedly alleviated by following some tips home. The ingredients are suitable for this purpose: the pulp of aloe Vera, honey, olive oil, fruits and milk.

Here We Provide You with Some Home Remedies:

Fade Scars – Home Remedy 1

Squeeze the juice of one lemon and add two tablespoons of milk. Pour the mixture over the wound and when preparing the skin dries, add the pulp of aloe vera. Cover the area with gauze and leave it overnight. Remove the following morning. Apply moisturizer, and see how the wound will become clear. Repeat twice a week.

Fade Scars – Home Remedy 2

Mix a little sugar and honey. This preparation will help exfoliate the skin. Placed over the wound and gently massaged for several minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat three times a week.

Fade Scars – Home Remedy 3

Boil a pint of milk. Remove the cream and take it in the fridge (Cathy, here we say fridge) until its status is solid. The mask you achieved the twenty minutes placed on the wound. Repeat this process until the wound is gone.

How to Remove Acne Scars

• If you are dark, you can apply lemon juice on a cotton ball and massage the area to return. The wounds will become clearer.

• The olive oil deeply moisturizes and softens skin texture. Use a cotton swab apply a few drops of oil and then rinse with water.

• Pineapple contains ascorbic acid. Crush the fruit a little and apply on the wound. The marks caused by acne will be toned down.

Recommendations to Remove Scars

• The sun is bad for new scars as it may darken and are more difficult to remove. It is best to hide the wound for at least three months without sun exposure.

• When a wound occurs, it must treat it immediately. Properly clean and put antibiotic if necessary.

• Be very careful when bathing, and the wound must remain covered especially the first day and not get wet.

Consistency is the only virtue that must be kept intact in order to reduce and get rid of the marks caused by scarring.

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